The current parish only retains the orientation and location of the door of the original Romanesque building. It is probably an 18th century building with a single rectangular nave with a large square bell tower on the west façade.

The church retains the original wooden floor of the Baroque building, the wooden choir decorated with bars and a wavy ledge, the stairs that go up to the choir and those that went up to the pulpit, now moved to the north side of the altar. This one is made of wood with four faces where the four evangelists are represented.

The three reinforcing arches of the nave are used as chapels. The apse is lower and narrower than the nave, an invisible difference from the outside, and is covered with a semicircular vault unlike the nave, which is vaulted.

It has over a late Baroque altarpiece. Keep the baptismal font closed in a cupboard with a wooden grille.