Cerdanya is a large valley located more than 1000m above sea level, where extensive agriculture and livestock have characterized it for a long time. Land of potatoes, winter cabbages, cereals, fruit trees, pastures, turnips, orchards and vineyards; herds of calves, foals, sheep and goats graze in our natural environment while maintaining forests and landscapes. With effort and dedication, a lot of products are made, which will go directly to your dishes and to our restaurants.

The main products made in the area are: sheep and cow cheese, yogurt, curd, honey, sausages made by artisan charcuterie, “bull blanc”, “bull negre”, “llonganissa”and our liver bread …, and other products such as the traditional Cerdans (typical sweets of the region), beers and liqueurs, jams, etc.

Other products of the land are pears, Talltendre turnips, winter cabbages, truffles (potatoes), wild mushrooms, berries, medicinal plants, cherries, cranberries, quinces …

Farmers, producers, makers work tirelessly so that you can have the best products of the Cerdanya in the restaurants of the region, shops or at home. The Associació Agroalimentària Cerdanya is currently working tirelessly to make them known, as well as to make known the work of the producers with the Visits to farmers .