The church of Sant Martí d’Urtx has been documented since 1119 when Bishop Ot d’Urgell donated it to the priory of Santa Maria de Serrabona in Rosselló. In 1151 it was consecrated by Bishop Bernat.

The 12th century building was simple in design with a nave and a semicircular apse to the east. Today we can identify the apse, the wall of the frontispiece visible behind the construction of the bell tower and the portal. The nave was modified with three side chapels, the sacristy and a bell tower to the west under which the access door was opened.

The portal, which was originally on the south wall, preserves the two granite archivolts decorated with heads of men, animals and geometries.

The village was owned by the Urg family, one of the most important in Cerdanya in the High Middle Ages, which became extinct in the 14th century. In 1316, the testamentary executors of the last baron of Urtx sold Urtx, Das Saltèguet to the king.

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