The parish of Kexanos is mentioned in the Act of Consecration of the Cathedral of Urgell in the tenth century as part of the barony of Urtx, along with Urtx and the lordship of the valley of Toses. In 1198 it was sacked by the men of Viscount Arnau de Castellbò, followers of the Cathar heresy.

It is a very modified building, surrounded by the fence where the old cemetery was. The oldest parts date from the 11th century and are part of the nave and semicircular apse with exterior decoration of Lombard arches with a double-slit central window.

The building is covered with a barrel vault and has two side chapels built later that form a kind of transept. The old ironwork is preserved in the door to the west and can be read in 1775, the time of the important renovation of the building. The recent restoration removed the sacristy and the bell tower, preserving the two-eyed belfry.

Relics of the holy martyrs are venerated and in the Diocesan Museum of Urgell there is a small silver metal cup, from the 18th century, which comes from it.

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