It is a unique building for its two unequal but sheltered naves under the same roof. They are topped on the east by the respective semicircular apses with the respective window in the middle, although of different characteristics, and covered with quarter-sphere vaults. Although the small nave is later, both correspond to a Romanesque construction possibly built in the twelfth century. The large nave was originally to have been covered by a semicircular barrel vault and was later replaced by the current pointed profile supported on a row of former arches located on each side of the nave.

The small nave communicates with the large one through an archway. This nave is covered with a semicircular vault.

The access to the temple opens to the north wall with a door of two degraded arches that start from chamfered taxes. Inside, it keeps the thumb on the ground and a stone hook on top to hold the trunks. The west façade is crowned by a small belfry, and the small nave has a simple embrasure.

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