The date 1775 can be read on the door, at which time the Romanesque building was significantly modified, preserving from that time the north and west façade with a facing that would indicate a building from the first half of the 12th century

The north wall preserves the angle formed by the nave with the old apse and, very close by, a stone with a sculpted human head reused from a missing architectural element. In the 18th century, the apse was replaced by a square one, side chapels and a pointed vault with a central lantern were added to the nave, and the door to the west façade was opened. The nave and the apse preserve mural paintings of undetermined chronology.

On the south wall we find the square tower bell tower which, like the rest, was modified to increase its height and blind the windows. Between it and the west façade, at the south-west corner, there are the remains of a building that retains a medieval walled door that would have been part of an earlier structure.