The church is a very modified building, to the point that the current access is in the place occupied by the Romanesque apse (which with the restoration has been drawn with ashlars on the ground); it is for this reason that inside we find the two Romanesque apses of the presbytery next to the access door.

Its uniqueness lies in the sloping bell tower, “the Tower of Pisa in La Cerdanya”. It is the only complete Romanesque bell tower in La Cerdanya. With a drop of 1.25 m, it has been restored and consolidated. It is accessed from the inside through an archway that preserves Romanesque paintings. Externally, the first floor has, on the four façades, decoration of Lombard arches; the second twin windows that have been canceled, some in the consolidation of the tower, a work that has focused on the foundation and support from the inside.

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