What trinxat do you want?

In 2019 we set out to draw up a Sectoral Action Plan for the Cerdanya Tourism Area (PAS-Tourism), with the collaboration and opinion of all the agents involved, including public administration, the sector. private and civil society. With the desire for the new plan to represent all voices in the industry, we began a process of participatory diagnosis and co-creation, designed and facilitated by the Resilience.Earth cooperative.

With the question “Which “trinxat” Do You Want?” we named and started a process that had a total of 178 people actively participating through interviews, online surveys, sessions and participatory seminars, not to mention the many interactions via social media that have been collected under the tag #QuinTrinxatVols.

Collection of Participatory Conferences

1st participatory day

Puigcerdà April 4, 2019

2nd participatory day

Bellver de Cerdanya, May 15, 2019

3rd Participatory Day

Alp, June 12, 2019