Cavalls del Vent

The Cavalls del Vent crossing is a circular mountain route that connects the different guarded refuges of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. The route passes through the regions of La Cerdanya and Berguedà.

The itinerary can be easily divided into a number of stages appropriate to the level of each one. You will cover a total of 84.20 km and you will overcome a total cumulative gain of about 5,600 m. During the trek you will pass near several peaks that offer us a great view of the Natural Park and the whole Pyrenees: Comabona (2,554 m), Penyes Altes del Moixeró (2,279 m), La Tosa (2,537 m) … and you will discover some beautiful places, such as the Pas dels Gosolans, the north face of Pedraforca, the Camí dels Empedrats, the Prats d’Aguiló, Moixa mountain range or Coll de Jou.

The route continues through lush red pine and black pine forests, in the lower parts of the route, and through open areas with alpine meadows, in the upper parts. During the trek you will enjoy the magnificent views of the horizon offered by the panoramic ridges and the spectacular karst terrain where the water slips into the depths of the mountain, dissolving the soft limestone rock.


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