Guies de Meranges

The members of "Guies de Meranges" are a guide team with a long experience in the fields of activities in the natural environment and with excellent attention to families and groups with the aim of offering a quality service with a long experience in mountain and a high technical level, with a desire to work and enjoy nature, within a friendly atmosphere.
We focus our activities on the needs of each person, offering an "a la carte" activity service, and we rarely mix different groups. We carry out most of our activities in La Cerdanya, although some activities are also carried out in other parts of the Pyrenees and the Alps. Our main activities are: nature itineraries, snowshoeing, mountain skiing, climbing in the Cerdanya and Pyrenees, mountaineering, trekking, climbing, technical advice on itineraries and training courses for all levels and in all disciplines.

Address: C. de la Solana, 7 Bloc A - 1er 4ª

Town: La Molina

Phone: 616 855 535



Other activities we offer:

Climbing Adventure, Guided snowshoe excursions, Mountain Skiing, Mountain guides, Nordic skiing classes, Via ferrata