It is a single nave building with three side chapels, which retains an apse of Romanesque tradition, much rebuilt. The original building was heavily modified in the 17th century, according to the date of the west-facing front door, 1652. In the 18th century, the abbot of Cuixà, Josep de Reard (1772-91) had the bell tower built, a square two-storey tower, which is why shield appears on its north face.

Inside the nave is covered with a pointed vault unlike the apse which is semicircular and retains the baptismal font to the right of the entrance. It is made of a single block of red limestone typical of the area. It is shaped like a crucible with a thickened edge. On a rustic-looking column. Next to it and embedded in the wall closed with a wooden door, there is the oil sink; rectangular and made of limestone.

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