The current building is the result of a much later reconstruction carried out in the 16th and 17th centuries. It consists of a rectangular nave, covered with an edge vault, and a covered transept with a barrel vault.

Externally, the southern body of the cruise ends in a semicircular head and the northern one is square. It has a square tower bell tower. The door is vaulted, semicircular and open to the east, above there is a bull’s eye with voussoirs of the same bill as those of the door. The finish of the main façade, which was plastered according to the old photos, is the result of a poorly restored modern restoration that affects half of the south façade, but not the north façade or the bodies that make up the transept.

It preserves an altarpiece of indefinite chronology embedded in the central chapel of the altar which is decorated with modern murals. There is a wide gap between the front door and the church.