Renovated building in the 18th century, it is an example of the religious architecture of the Baroque period with a rural character in our region.

It is a rectangular church topped on the east by a square apse and the square bell tower with three different bodies. The central body has four semicircular arched windows and the upper body four clocks. The door is located at the end of the nave and the exterior of the building is engraved with the date of construction of the building, 1729. Of note is the iron door pin decorated with circles. One of the most outstanding elements is the altarpiece, which is divided into three bodies framed in columns that house the images, the main one of which corresponds to Sant Martí. It is a work painted in gold and decorated on the top and sides with volutes. The nave is decorated with golden baroque murals on a white background, as are the toral arch, the arches of the side chapels and the ribbing of the vaults.

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