It is a small baroque chapel with a square floor plan and a polygonal apse covered with a ribbed vault and a toral arch decorated with plant paintings from the chapel’s period. The façade is to the south-west with a semicircular arched door with well-squared voussoirs and a bull’s eye of the same bill. The building is crowned by a small belfry.

Inside, from the church of the Angels of La Llosa, we find a unique piece, curious and not very well known. It is a Greek cross made of a block of limestone, a type that is not from the area. In the center, sculpted in bas-relief, Christ in Majesty. It is a very archaic figure in which the head is proportionally large and the arms are very long. The face is where we find some sculptural work distinguishing the round eyes, the nose, the mouth and the beard. He wears a conical hat and the body is an oval-shaped volume, which is meant to represent a kind of tunic, from which the legs protrude. The arms make the gesture of the elbow and end in some hands, like the feet, they are not very defined.

In the center of the chapel we find a family pantheon excavated in the ground covered with granite slab.