Romanesque building from the 11th century, as we can see in the apse with the blind arches between the pilasters that decorate it, typical of this time. It was modified in the 18th century by the construction of two side chapels as a transept, the construction of the vault with a central lantern and the opening to the west of the door with the construction of a porch. One can observe the presence of large square and well-cut ashlars from some previous construction. On the west façade of the chapel to the north you can see a stone with the sculpted silhouette of a house with the inscription: 1727 Benildo R , the year and the name of the person who promoted it.

The keystone of the door is engraved with a cross or anagram similar to that of the Order of the Trinitarians. Remarkable is the decoration of the iron bolt of the door.

Inside the north chapel is the oil sink and in the apse are paintings by contemporary artist Manuel Capdevila.

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