Representative building of the rural Gothic documented at the end of the 13th century that replaced the old castle chapel.

It consists of a single nave covered with wooden trusses supported by pointed diaphragm arches. On the sides there are a series of small chapels, some with a ribbed vault. To the west is the access door, on which there is a small oculus, and to the east is the bell tower. During the 18th century it underwent a considerable renovation, during which the bell tower with the dates of 1767 and 1769 was built. It retained the original wooden roof over diaphragm arches before a fire that affected the church in 1897. At the end of the 20th century, the roof was restored.

The front of the 14th century altar is in the Episcopal Museum of Vic, of which there is a reproduction inside, to the right of the entrance. On the other side we find a varied exhibition of liturgical objects.

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