Route 7: Bellver – Pi – Font de Pradell – Nèfol – Bellver

Gradual ascent from Bellver to Pi and to the Pradell fountain along a wide track that crosses a very leafy fir forest. On the way down, and after the Pi rocky area, we cross the river and take a path that, on a slight ascent, takes us to Nèfol. The road widens to go down to the valley, and by the small road from Vilella it reaches Tallló i Bellver.

Technical Data

Starting point: Sant Roc square (tourist office)

Distance: 25.2 km

Time: 3 h

Places of interest: Bellver, Pi and Nèfol

Water points: Bellver, Pi and Pradell fountain

Cyclability: 100%

Difficulty: high

Map and altimetry

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