Valley of Eina

Since the 17th century, many naturalists have visited the picturesque valley of Eina for its botanical diversity: more than a thousand species of plants, some of which are endemic, and others of scientific or medicinal interest. There is also a very diverse community of insects, with more than seventy species of lepidoptera. With the aim of protecting this area and its rich heritage, the Eina Nature Reserve was created at the time. The well-marked path is one of the classic routes to Núria from La Cerdanya.

Technical Data

Access: From Sallagosa follow the N-116 road towards La Perxa until you find a detour to the right that leads to Eina. Here, on the right, follow the Llo road, which immediately crosses the Eina river. Shortly afterwards, there is an open space on the left for parking.

Start: Outdoors on the outskirts of Eina.

Difficulty: Easy

Maximum altitude: 2,684 m

Elevation gain: 1,085 m

Total duration: 5.30 h (3 h one way + 2.30 h return).

Time of year: Late spring, summer and first half of autumn.

Notes: If there is snow, the lower part of the valley is easy with snowshoes, but from the Pla de l’Orri, and especially on the ascent to the Coll d’Eina, ice ax and crampons are often needed.


To the left of the open field (1,599 m) begins a path that passes through meadows and enters a black pine forest. It doesn’t take long to link to a track coming from the right. Turn left and walk to the end. Then continue along a wide path through the Eina forest. It crosses an old irrigation canal and later a cattle fence. With the river Eina on the left, you pass through the narrowest part of the valley. There is another fence and you reach the Pla de l’Orri (2,015 m, 1 h 15 min), where the valley begins to open.

Continue up the path. The sunny slope is populated by provence broom and that the shady one by alpenroses. In June, when these shrubs bloom, their contrast becomes conspicuous. You cross some shaly steps by means of loops and you discover a beautiful waterfall on the left. After a while, the path crosses the river and climbs a ridge. After a spring and a short ascent between rocky areas and alpenroses, you pass a hut on the right, go up another ridge and enter the Pla de la Beguda (2,335 m, 2 h 15 min), extensive pastures located between the peak of Finestrelles and the Eina tower.

The path, signposted with large stone landmarks, from here gains altitude in loops to reach the flyover that dominates the whole valley: the Coll d’Eina or Núria. Overcoming a steep and constant ascent, quite steep at the end, you reach this pass (2,684 m. 3 h), behind which you can see the Sanctuary of Núria. The road that goes down the Ripollès side would be reached in 1 h 30 min. Another highly recommended option is to climb to the next peak of the Eina peak (2,786 m), on the left, for about 20 minutes. Further on, the summit of the high peak of Noufonts (2,861 m) is 45 minutes away. From the pass you can also go without difficulty to the panoramic point of Finestrelles peak (2,828 m) in about 30 minutes.

Map and altimetry

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