Coma d’Or

This route, formed by a climb of gentle slopes, will take us to the top of the Coma d’Or, a watchtower with amazing views of the Lanós reservoir and the whole Carlit mountain range, which from here we can see to its full extent.

Technical Data

Access: Following the N-20 we reach the Pimorent pass. Here you have to take the track that goes to the right (NE) and goes into the Garcia valley. We have to go up it for about 3 km (in poor condition in the final section) to the side of the small dam of the water catchment.

Start: car park of the water dam.

Difficulty: Easy- Medium

Maximum altitude: 2,826 m

Elevation gain: 684 m

Total duration: 3.45 h (2 h one way / 1.45 h return)

Time of year: All year round.

Notes: Mountain easily accessible, but of considerable height. You must be properly equipped in order to avoid putting yourself in danger. The skywalk to the final ridge is complicated and you will need to be careful.


Once the vehicle is parked next to the water dam, we ascend through the center of the valley between paths, thus avoiding the turns of the track. When we reach the end, we find a path that goes up a steep grassy slope, which we climb without difficulty, until we reach a kind of imperceptible pass that leads to a small valley. We cross this valley and, going up another grassy climb, we come out on the first pass of the day, La Portella d’en Garcia (2,534 m, 50 min). From this pass we can distinguish, on the left, the three characteristic ridges that form the peak of Trespunts. In front of us we see perfectly the Pic de Coma d’Or and the whole way up.

We now descend along a stretch with some rocky areas and, in a few minutes, we reach the Coma d’Or pass, from where we see the lake of the same name located on the right. The path, signposted with some landmarks, winds again through a grassy climb and, in the final part, reaches a kind of slate bleachers, hung in the snow for much of the year. We cross these steps, always with the silhouette of the Coma d’Or in front of us, and we gain height between the flat boulders until we are practically at the base of the mountain. Patiently, we go up the path to this last climb, until we reach the ridge and the previous peak of the Coma d’Or (2,825 m). The main peak is on the left. However, to get there we will have to overcome a rather complicated skywalk, which can be avoided on the right, and continue along the short ridge that leads to the top of the Peak Coma d’Or (2,826 m, 2 h) .

From this summit we can perfectly see the lake of Lanós at our feet. The Carlit stands out on the horizon, in front of us, while the mountains of the Pas de la Casa sector remain located to the west.