Climb to Bell-lloc

Pleasant walk that is done without haste in the middle of the morning. The easiest route follows a cobbled path to the Coll de Jovell, then reaches the summit of L’Argila and reaches the monastery of the “Mare de Déu de Bell-lloc”, from which you can enjoy a wide view over La Cerdanya .

Technical Data

Access: From Ur take the D-618, which passes through Vilanova de les Escaldes. There, at a roundabout, turn left onto the D-10 via Les Escaldes to Dorres.

Start: Dorres.

Difficulty: Easy.

Maximum altitude: 1,704 m

Elevation gain: 375 m

Total duration: 1.45 h (1.10 h one way / 35 min return)

Time of year: All year round.

Notes: In the middle of winter there may be ice in the sections near the Jovell canal.


The excursion can start in the main square of Dorres or 10 minutes further on, in the chapel of Mageta. Dorres, with the Romanesque parish church of Sant Joan Evangelista, from the 12th century — the image of the “Mare de Déu de Bell-lloc” is venerated inside — is attractive enough, perhaps it is better to start the route in the square (1,431 m). Dorres is also known for its hot springs. The itinerary is well signposted. Take a narrow street with red and yellow stripes of two GR de Pays (French short-distance trails): the Tour du Carlit and the Tour de Cerdagne. Immediately turn left onto the GR P du Tour de Cerdagne, which turns off onto a street. The other, the GR P di Tour du Carlit, continues down the same street. When you turn right, you will find the chapel of Mageta, with an oratory dedicated to Sant Marc, in Dorres considered a protector of the weather and lightnings. The signs continue to the left along an interesting path with cobbled sections. The path, between birches and hazelnut trees, crosses the Jovell canal and a few steps later there is a detour (indicator) on the left with yellow signs. The slope is slightly steeper, you leave the forest and take care of some pastures shortly before reaching the Jovell pass (1,633 m, 50 min), step to go to Brangolí and Feners, where the GR P du goes Tour du Carlit.

The GR P du Tour de Cerdagne goes along a track that goes directly to Bell- lloc, but it is preferable to go there by another path marked with yellow stripes a little further to the left (indicator), which after a short stretch of steep slope passes by the top of the Argila peak (1,704 m). From here it loses altitude through the planes of the Bell-lloc hill to the legendary monastery (1,685 m, 1 h 10), a splendid viewpoint from La Cerdanya and the Alt Conflent until the Canigó. The temple is a 12th century Romanesque building.

Map and altimetry

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