It is said that Pilate’s son was born in this city, and do it is runined.

When the Roman consul had to escape from Jerusalem after the crucifixion, he walked on foot to his native town. Seeing it sunk, he rushed to the lake, where he is still alive, looking for his home in vain. He has to go around and wander while the world is world. At noon, and on very calm days, in the atmosphere by the lake, we can hears the hustle and bustle of his walk and while he wonders if there is still a world. On Holy Thursday, the scene of the crucifixion with the three crosses of Calvary will be represented at the bottom of the water.

The lake is cursed, so if you drink its water it hurts. According to some, they do not raise fish, according to others they do, but when they are caught and put in the frying pan to fry, they come to life and run away.

(Told by Jan de les Vaques 1922)
(Amades, 1586 Rondallística «Folklore de Catalunya»).

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